January Recap

New Day! 



Welcome Crack

First off, apologies for the massive gap but, as you can see below, we’ve been busy. The plan for the future is to have these updates roll out roughly once a month to keep everyone ahead of the curve and let you know where we’ll be each month.



Merch caught up

Massive thanks to everyone who pre ordered merch just before the Christmas break and had to put up with the slight delay in shipping.

We had just enough orders to get the batch printed/stitched and have just about managed to deal with all the printing, packing and shipping. Everyone who ordered something should have had an email to confirm it’s on it’s way and from this point going on we shouldn’t see any more delays!

Thanks to these lovely people we will also now be hitting future shows with t-shirts, patches and hats instead of just the usual accompaniment of slurred language and boiled eggs...




As the self titled album is now nearly two years old we decided it was about time we got some new tracks down for 2018. Hitting January square in the face with a fistful of riffs, we’ve managed to come away with two well rounded demos already. We plan on returning to begin slamming down the final takes in March/April so keep an eye out.



Coming up in February.... Well, nothing much actually. With a house move, a job change, a baby and a crippling nut roast addiction, we've been pretty busy with 'real' life. Catch up as we hit up a few venues in march!