Cirque De Buffoon Tour Diary - Day 2

We’re back with Johnee ‘Raconteur’ Slootz and his musings. Let’s find out what happened on Day 2.

They do love the craic in Stutty

They do love the craic in Stutty

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a blast. I had more fun than ever, even more than the first me Ma and Da took me to the local pub in Chown, though any trip out is exciting for a 5 year old I suppose. Pete was a bit nasty to me again because I asked him if I could sit on his knee for a bit in the bus. Playing was great, the crowd was so big it was like the whole town came out to see me! Being a pint man, things got a bit messy after and I had to have a clam down, a cheese sandwich and a pack of crips. We arrived in Switzerland overnight, and while there is no fry up i’ll be sure to go at it again. I’ll take the shirt off any man’s back, at least until the washing’s done…

Tara for now,

Jonny Slutini