Cirque De Buffoon Tour Diary - Day 12

Back with two feet firmly on the ground it's O.G. Sluetini.


Dear Diary, 

Well that was a mad few days. A young lad like meself can really get lost in The Netherlands. Usually I just get lost in me own Nethers. Back in Germany today though in Cologne. It doesn't smell as nice as I thought it would, though to be fair that might just be me. Petes mellow mood has gone and when I woke up I found him using my T-shirt to take a stand up bath. Hopefully no one notices the stains. The weather’s also taken a turn and I’m afraid me Irish jimmies are in for a rustling again. The crowd was really smokey tonight and I couldn't see very much but I guess there was at least 1000 people there. Anyway, better get back to the sesh with the lads, Pint Man is a way of life for me now... 

See you on the other side,  

J Fritz Slutes