Cirque De Buffoon Tour Diary - Day 17

The penultimate entry in what Waterstones is calling "The most inane pile of drivel" but Wetherspoons calls "The most important piece of literature since the curry club menu". 


Dear Diary, 

Today was the last show before the journey home. I was sad me mates in Mothership weren't there but that wasn't going to stop the pint man from having one final hurrah. We got to Sheffield and headed straight for the spoons. Pete was really nice and sat with me and chatted over a nice cold Shipsmiths. He didn't even laugh when I found a bunch of nails in the bottom of me glass. No idea how they got there!  The show was huge and the crowd was the biggest of the tour. I played me little heart out for everyone. I'm so tired now though, I could just sleep forever. 

Back on the bus,  

Joo Joo Sloo