An Irishman, A Canadian and Three Englishmen Walk Into A Studio....

Shock horror; Elephant Tree Members To Spend More Time Indoors!

Look how it beckons

Look how it beckons

That’s right. It’s finally time for us to announce that we have finally committed to ink our intention to enter the studio once again.

Starting 5th of January we will be headed back into the dark depths of the studio to work on our as-yet-unnamed album. With practices in full swing, and songs coming together like a quality macaroni cheese pie, there will soon be a thunderous call from over the horizon. We are still looking for an avenue of release as of yet and haven’t confirmed anything on that front (despite what the rumour mill may churn out…) and can’t offer up any scope of a release date yet, but we are open to all offers!

Returning to produce melody out of madness, Riley MacIntyre is back in the saddle. Not satisfied with having only two nationalities, John Slattery will be tackling Synths and extra guitar duties, as the latest addition to the line-up. Expect more of that same old Elephant Tree magic but this time imagine it different…

We’ll be posting regular updates from writing all the way through to mastering so keep an eye out for any official news here, more of which to follow tomorrow…!