Tous à Bord!

Google Translate n'échoue jamais, non?

C'était un couineur

C'était un couineur

In what seems like a whirlwind of new additions, we would like to welcome our brand new manager Beth! Not long out of the shrink-wrap, she’s been battling her way through the backlog of our admin to-do list and organising us (no easy task).

Following the success of the tour we managed to entice her into becoming manager on the proviso that Pete agreed to eat a whole baguette in one and Jack admit that Cheddar is not the only cheese and Camembert isn’t in fact ‘just a phase’.

We’d also like to mention a massive thanks to Jess Shaw for all her help in wrangling us around over the past year and helping set the wheels in motion for this. You’ll definitely still be seeing her around at the gigs because she’s technically still contractually obliged (she also says it’s fun?).

You can reach Beth on the brand spanking new email with all those burning questions, such as ‘Can I book Elephant Tree for ____?’ and ‘Why can’t I get that stain that Sam left out of my carpet?’