Cirque De Buffoon Tour Diary - Day 5

Let's rejoin young Jimbo McSlute and his epic chronicle. 


Dear Diary,  

I do miss the Swiss, but today was the pilgrimage to the holy land of beers. Munich is my kind of scene with all the cool youth trendies . The beer was crisp and the sound waves were rolling like the waves off of Clochán an Aifir. You'd have thought Pete would be less mean but he's ever so nasty to me. He made me watch him go to the toilet and said he'd fill me shoes with spiders if I didn't. I'm not sure how much more I can take, I hope he starts to like me soon. We leave for Austria tomorrow, another mountainous country. I'm going to head off to find a helmet in case he starts up with the rocks again. 

Over and out,  

Johnny I Hardly Sleut Ya