Cirque De Buffoon Tour Diary - Day 6

Here he is, Mr Sluetsiverse... 


Dear Diary,  

We went to play in a place called Graz today, which is near where Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up. I like to think me and the big man have a lot in common, what with both of us having a bit of a dicky heart. Speaking of which, Pete's been up to his mean old tricks again. Last night he hid everyone's wallets in me pockets while I was asleep and then woke me up by screaming 'Thieving Irishman!' and whacking me in the giblets. I hope he calms down soon, little Jimmy can't take much more of a beating. Anyhoo, time for me to sign off and go wash the sweat patches out of me jocks. 

 Ill see ya when I see ya,