Cirque De Buffoon Tour Diary - Day 9

Stop. It's Sluteser time! 


Dear Diary,  

Ah Berlin. I love this city for two reasons, they know how to party and have a wide selection of leather/latex clothing. We had to push the trailer into place as we couldn't leave it on the bus and ya man here was in charge of diverting trafic. I channeled me inner Garda and went at it like no tomorrow, a real king of the road I was. Well, that was until Pete noticed how well I was doing and stood up the road to start diverting the trafic into me. I’m rapidly running out of unsoiled jocks so hopefully there's a washing machine tomorrow. Starting to miss home now, can't wait to get back and have a nice Boxty, chips and mash. Lovely. 

 Lang may yer lum reek, 

J Master Flash