Merlin's Musings - Studio Diary Day 5/6

"Much I marvelled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly" 


Dear Diary,

I have but a moment to scrawl down my latest thoughts. My work these past 48 hours has been ceaseless. My mind is a blur of dials and figures, like Alice Through the Looking Glass I have passed to the other side, my days filled with vivid fever dreams, interrupted sporadically by the dim-witted imprudent musings of one of the so-called musicians that make up the 'band'. Things are becoming clearer now. In a stroke of genius, as the hand struck the hour of two, I had a epiphany. It became clear the exact combination of amplification and pedals I would need in order to achieve the perfect tone. I must return to my work, there is not a moment to lose, time is yet another commodity I sadly can neither waste nor control.

 Riley MacIntyre - Risen Star (Formerly Rising Star)