Merlin's Musings - Studio Diary Prologue

"Once upon a midday dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary..."

The Diary returns...  

Native Pentictian in traditional dress.

Native Pentictian in traditional dress.

Dear Diary,

The behemoth cometh. Long dredge the hours, my breath baited, sweat profusely seeping out of every pore as I lay in the cold dark of the night awaiting the beginning of what will surely be the peak of my career. Yes there have been more famous, more talented, more intelligent musicians, but these are my muses. Some naysayers may say this is a futile endeavour. They are misled. I will mould the heaving dump of muddled riffs, baptising it with the fire of a thousand subs, only to raise it from the ashes to emerge my nubile child. 

 I must away, the dawn is broke.

Riley MacIntyre  - Exceptional Talent